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1. Waterproofing
    Acrylic Coating
    Membrane Coating
    Hospital Melaka

2. Structural Repair
    Structural Strengthening - Carbon Fiber
    Beam Enlargement & Grouting
    Epoxy Injection
    Pudu Market Hall

3. Building Assessment
    Building Assessment

4. Floor Coating
    MFS Walkway - Performance Floor

5. Chemical Lining
    Recron - Chemical Lining
    Recron Chemical Pit - Chemical Resistant Lining
    Chemical Resistant Lining
    Chemical Lining to Spool

6. Concrete Coring & Cutting
    Offshore Project

7. Sport Court Construction
    Sport Court
    Multi-Purpose Sport Court
    Muar Badminton Court Flooring

8. Dampness Treatment
    Dampness Treatment

9. Expansion Joint
    Expansion Joint