Building Assessment

Building Assessment

A Building Condition Assessment (BCA) provides companies with comprehensive building deficiency information and forecasts possible future maintenance or repair requirements for a single or multiple properties.

Building Condition Assessments are carried out in two steps, the first being the site inspection, which is a systematic recording of the building systems with the use of photographs, note taking, drawings and information provided by the property owner. The second step is analyzing the data collected and turning it into a report that includes a summary of the building, its systems condition, tables that reflect the immediate and projected long-term costs of maintaining the building.

An audit of the building condition and the development of efficient, reliable cost-beneficial methods and solutions for current as well as future repairs are mandatory procedures for keeping a building in adequate condition allowing the owners to plan their budget:

  • Before Purchasing or Leasing a Commercial Property
  • For Periodical Maintenance Planning
  • Facilities operational costs including lifecycle and building systems renewals

The Building Assessment:

  • Types of buildings – commercial, institutional, high and low-rise residences, offices, Government – local and national
  • Site components – parking lots, walkways, curbs, lighting, and site drainage
  • Structural & Foundation systems - exposed systems only
  • Roofing systems – types, age, and condition
  • Exterior enclosure – masonry, curtain wall, EFIS, etc.
  • Interior systems – walls, partitions, doors, finishes, etc.
  • Parking garages – multi-level, above and below ground
  • Plumbing systems – existing
  • Non-evasive technologies - Infrared Thermal Imaging

The Assessment Report:

The report includes the following sections:

  • Photograph documentation
  • Assessment of the property's interior and exterior conditions, systems and components
  • Suggested remedies of physical deficiencies
  • Probable cost to remedy physical deficiencies
Carbonation Test
Carbonation Test
Settlement Precise Level Survey
Settlement Precise Level Survey
Rebound Hammering
Rebound Hammering
Laser levelling
Laser Levelling
Infrared thermal Imaging
Infrared Thermal Imaging